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Fun and Exciting
An Unforgettable Experience, 
Like you have never seen, I promise!

by Frank U. 

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Hawaii's Caricature Artist, Honolulu, HI

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Hawaii's Caricature Artist, Honolulu, HI

Why do i draw with pre-drawn templates?

You are the reason I do templates. I want your guest to have

an enjoyable and unforgettable experience without waiting so

long to get one.  I do caricatures in 85 seconds to 3 minutes and i never compromise accuracy over speed.

Quality and accuracy is my goal and Speed came

naturally with tons of party experience.

I use pencils to do my caricature templates. I like pencils

because it offers depth and dimension that pens come no

where close to achieve.

Over 50% more caricatures for you!

I have 18 that I can do in 85 seconds, if your guests

pick these I can do over 40 caricatures but of course

everybody is different and so are their choices.

On average I can do 25 Caricatures an hour.

at your party 100% - yes all of my time is focus on drawing
the head and facial features.. the likeness combined with

templates makes for an exciting package, just watch their

reaction when they get a one-of-a-kind personalized 

caricature,  they'll be smiling from ear to ear.

Super big reason is you really get your money's worth.  

which means"More Bang for Your Buck!" 

Crystal D. 

". . . amazing fast drawings . . ."

Liana a. 

"His drawings are awesome and

amazingly super fast."

Tomoko M. 

"Frank is fast and awesome!"

Wendy c.

"He draws fast and he certainly

enjoys his craft."

Joanne k.

"He was quite fast when sketching;

guests kept saying how little time he

took for each caricature."

Luvonne S.

"Frank is patient funny and

really quick."

What does my services include?

1)  You get 65 caricatures at your party but the templates

    continue to change.


    I'm never satisfied. I want to offer you Hawaii with my

    latest creations.  I know there will always be an

    abundance of ideas from block buster super hero movies,

    popular local or national trends and neighborhood

    of course neighborhood kids.

    If I believe you like it you will see it in the poster.

3)  Yes artworks are letter size 8 1/2" x 11" white

    67 lb paper. (thick card stock quality paper)

4)  They also come with protective sheeting

    to avoid smudge. Mommies and daddies

    love it.

5)  I offer fun lovable entertainment even nervous people
    will enjoy it!




What other services do i offer? 

"Camera/Projector/Screen viewing."

caricatures shown on wide-screen.

Do you want real entertainment???

Your guests will enjoy and be mesmerized

when they see me at work. while sitting at

their assigned tables 50 feet away,

You got to witness it for yourself. Pretty neat

stuff if I may say so myself. you can actually hear giggles

clear across the room. 

quiet giggles and laughter will erupt from everywhere. 

Everybody in the room are participants!
kids from 5 to 100 years will enjoy the entertainment.

For you as a host is music to your ears!

$125 set up fee.

What do I need for most party set-up from you?

1)  I would normally ask for 1 table or
    a long one ( 6 to 8 feet long ) for projector viewing.

2) chairs one for me & another for your guest.  extra
    chairs for standing guests - optional

    if you got the chairs & the room.


    They can enjoy the show while they sit & relax

    before their turn is up.         


  for beach parties
    I would ask for you to provide

    tent, a table and chairs

    I personally have a difficult time in

    the direct sun light and will turn down

    requests in such an arrangement. hard to see

    your guest's face when I draw, I pride myself

    on quality and if my vision is compromised

    your guests won't be happy!

    most importantly My caricatures

    are allergic to rain!

    ( graphite bleeds with water )

HOW DO i set up?

i usually come 1/2 to 1 1/2 hours

before party time..  depending if you

want :camera-projector-screen setup

entertainment or just caricatures.

I like to be in control with

no surprises that might come up.

I want your party to be "perfect."


my rolling file box loaded

with my 65 choice templates.

a poster/hanging banner will be

on a portable stand to display

the 65 caricatures or. I use a horizontal banner

stretched across tent poles.

Is a deposit required? do you need to sign papers?

Yes $25 deposit REQUIRED and No,

no paper work needed

Your check is our "BINDING-AGREEMENT. " 

now this $25 deposit will be included

in the total fee. Meaning fee will be deducted

from the total.

For last minute parties no deposit required.

the total fee can be given after the party.

cancel "before 30 days" of your event

and i will refund your check or money order

no questions asked.

now if you cancel "within" the

30 days of party, it will not be

refundable.  Please reread this again, thank you!


Make check out to me ;




EWA BEACH, HI   96706