Hawaii's Caricature Artist
'Best Caricature Artist in Honolulu' 

Caricatures by Frank 

          Hilarious Hawaiian Fun for                 
        Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations,
          Retirements, Business Events and
          Just About Any Special Occasion.


Rates and Services


Hawaii's Local Family

Luaus and 1st birthdays

2 hours minimum    $325.00

Additional hours    $100 an hour 

I do require a $25 deposit to reserve your date

on a first check first own.

Make check out to me:

Frank Uratani

A D D R E S S  ;

91-593 Kuilioloa Place #y3

Ewa Beach,  HI  96706

Mahalo for inquiring!


Weddings & Business Events

2 hours minimum    $500

Additional hours    $100 an hour


Camera Setup

Entertain your

 guests like you see

at Carnivals where

 the Artist draw your

Guests on a Screen

 or Wall for all to

be Entertained, even

 from 100 feet away. 

Everybody Gets


You'll hear laughter

 and giggles

all over the room!

I bring a camera,

 projector and


if needed. Please

 provide a table and

electrical outlet.

Setup fee    $125.


Pick Any of My 
65 Originals on 
my poster,

and send me a picture
of your favorite friend,
anybody that you want
done and I will get it to
you in a day or two.

Please give the number
on my poster. Before I do it
I will check with you to 

$20.00 complete.


Custom Caricatures 

(Business LOGOS)

I have been asked to do custom caricatures.

for families, surprise gifts, etc.


More Samples for $350 Below.