Hawaii's Caricature Artist

by Frank 

          Hilarious Hawaiian Fun for                 
        Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations,
          Retirements, Business Events and
          Just About Any Special Occasion.


Rates and Services


Hawaii's Local Family

Luaus and 1st birthdays

2 hours minimum    $350.00

Additional hours    $100 an hour 

I do require a $25 deposit to reserve your date

on a first check first own.

Make check out to me:

Frank Uratani

A D D R E S S  ;

91-593 Kuilioloa Place #y3

Ewa Beach,  HI  96706

Mahalo for inquiring!


Weddings & Business Events

2 hours minimum    $500

Additional hours    $100 an hour

Project Grads

Before 10 PM $150 an Hour

After 10 PM $200 an Hour


Camera Setup

Entertain your

 guests like you see

at Carnivals where

 the Artist draw your

Guests on a Screen

 or Wall for all to

be Entertained, even

 from 100 feet away. 

Everybody Gets


You'll hear laughter

 and giggles

all over the room!

I bring a camera,

 projector and


if needed. Please

 provide a table and

electrical outlet.

Setup fee    $125.


Pick Any of My 
65 Originals on 
my poster,

and send me a picture
of your favorite friend,
anybody that you want
done and I will get it to
you in a day or two.

Please give the number
on my poster. Before I do it
I will check with you to 

$20.00 complete.


Custom Caricatures 

(Business LOGOS)

I have been asked to do custom caricatures.

for families, surprise gifts, etc.


More Samples for $450 Below.